Thursday, September 09, 2021

Upcoming Anthology: Brigid's Light - Tending the Ancestral Flame of the Beloved Celtic Goddess


Art by Stuart Littlejohn

An interesting new project is coming to light, an anthology of Brigit writings taken from outside her traditional homelands. It is the brainchild of Cairelle Crow and Laura Louella of the Sanctuary of Brigid.

It's an unusual idea, which began with the intention of exploring Brigit in the lives of the "Celtic" diaspora, and has evolved to include those with no ethnic or cultural connection to Brigit, but who have met and loved her through others. I am pleased to report that I have two poems in it, having caught wind of the submissions call just before the closing date. I haven't seen the manuscript, nor do I know whose work is included, but I am looking forward to exploring this offering when the time comes.

Brigid's Light: Tending the Ancestral Flame of the Beloved Celtic Goddess by Cairelle Crow (Editor), Laura Louella (Editor), and Judika Illes (Foreword). Release date: 1 March 2022. Pre-Order: here

Stories, spells, rituals, and recipes celebrating the worldwide influence of this beloved Celtic goddess, with contributions from Amy Blackthorn, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Courtney Weber, and many others

This anthology celebrates Brigid, an ancient and mysterious Celtic spirit who ranks among today’s most popular modern goddesses. Venerated in many forms including as a saint and a goddess, Brigid has traveled the globe alongside the Celtic diaspora. Once a goddess with a narrow territory, she is now an internationally beloved presence. While acknowledging her origins, this book also explores Brigid from the perspective of those outside her original Celtic homeland.

Editors Cairelle Crow and Laura Louella have gathered art, poetry, stories, spells, rituals, recipes, and traditions as an homage to the worldwide influence of Brigid’s magic and lore, especially among the descendants of immigrants to the Americas. In compiling these individual works, Cairelle and Laura have given voice to those traveling ancestors by showcasing a rich and beautiful heritage manifested through embodiments of devotion by their descendants, as well as others touched by Brigid.

Saturday, September 04, 2021

Elaine Ní Chiardha's "Brigid of the Flame"

 Elaine Ní Chiardha of Singing the Land has a beautiful song to Brigit, called "Brigid of the Flame." You can listen to the full version on YouTube or learn the chant derived from it on SoundCloud.

If you would like to learn more about Elaine and "Songs for St. Brigid and St. Patrick," listen to her interview with Amy Panetta on The Celtic Feminine Podcast.

Image: "Tara Hill, Tarahill, County Wexford, Ireland" by James Butterly (@jamesbutterly) on Unsplash.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Many Voices - Book Launch & Celebration of Brigit


What a beautiful event that was. I am very happy that I took a leaf from Geraldine Moorkens Byrne's book and turned my launch into a community celebration. I briefly introduced the launch, then read four short poems before sitting back to watch and listen as friends from Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Italy, and the United States read and sang from their hearts to and about Brigit. It was very moving. A joyful and precious time.

The launch was held on Zoom (with ticketing help from the wonderful Ticket Tailor) and livestreamed to Facebook Live. I am happy to say that we can watch it (or rewatch it!) any time on Facebook at Brigit's Portal (my Page) or on YouTube.

Image: Mael Brigde, a white woman in a red dress, wearing black earphones, smiles as she speaks to her computer.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Rachel Patterson's Little Video

To my surprise and delight, I discovered today that the wonderful Rachel Patterson, Kitchen Witch and fellow Moon Books author, made a teensy video about my book, A Brigit of Ireland Devotional - Sun Among Stars. You can find it here.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Celebrate Brigit with Mael Brigde & Friends


This is my last call to those who may want to spend some time with myself and friends celebrating Brigit (and of course launching my book, A Brigit of Ireland Devotional - Sun Among Stars).

Inspired by Geraldine Byrne's book launch*, I wanted to make mine a community celebration centered on Brigit and on our poetic connections to her, not just about me or my (beloved!) book.

You are welcome to join us on 28 August from 1:00-2:30 PM Pacific Time (starts 9:00 PM Irish Time) for poetry, prayer, & song. To receive a Zoom link on the day, you will need to register (see link below), or you can watch on Facebook Live on my Page, Brigit's Portal.

REGISTER to attend via Zoom.
BRIGIT'S PORTAL to watch on Facebook (live or later).

I am very much looking forward to seeing how our joint celebration unfolds.

Brigit's blessings. 💖

Note: The Body Politic by Geraldine Moorkens Byrne.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Brigid Jigsaw Puzzle

 Well! This came as a surprise, but why not?

docrabbits >  Myth and Fantasy art > Mist, Galaxis Goddess Brigid --

an online puzzle on Jigsaw Planet. docrabbits first posted it on Imbolc, 2020.

Image: Screenshot of puzzle.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

The Witch Next Door Podcast Interviews Mael Brigde


I had a great time talking with Emily Morrison of Wise Woman Witchery and The Witch Next Door podcast.

We laughed a lot — I worry I may have joked around too much — but also tackled serious topics, such as the origins of Saint Brigit, and differences and similarities between the goddess(es) and saint. I make a brave attempt to discuss the three goddesses Brig who are found in connection to the poet and historian Senchae, as well as the Brig who possesses the kings of the rams, oxen, and boars. Then we veered toward well- and flame-tending, my relationship with Brigit, the Daughters of the Flame, and briefly, my book, A Brigit of Ireland Devotional - Sun Among Stars.

I made a most regrettable mistake! I said no one else had been in Daughters of the Flame since the start but Brigit and me. Not true. Dear Erynn Rowan Laurie has, as well, and she has been a huge support to me in many ways. Like saying this flame-tending thing really did have value. (Did I ever need to hear that, a time or two.)

Honestly, though, I was not well when this interview took place and it does show. Yet at the same time, I felt at ease with the lovely woman I was talking with, making it a great pleasure to participate.

To listen to our conversation, click here. Enjoy!

Image: Mashup of Mael Brigde promo shot and book cover with Emily's podcast image.