Friday, March 17, 2006

Institute of Feminism & Religion Annual Festival of Brigit

the Institute for Feminism and Religion has a yearly celebration of Brigit at Imbolc. Although the Festival of Brigit for 2006 has passed, there is much of interest to look at on this site, including:

  • a guide for those planning to
celebrate Brigit in their own locales,
  • an essay on the 2006 theme of Brigit's Cloak: Unfolding and Reclaiming Women's Ground (this on the Festival homepage, near the bottom),
  • one woman's writings about her experiences at a past festival,
  • a small selection of Brigit images (including one, i am pleased to note, taken from the Daughters of the Flame website. it is of a woman smith, not originally intended as Brigit but when i saw it on a folksinging pamphlet many years ago i thought--say! i know who that looks like!),
  • chants and songs (though unfortunately, only the words),
  • a collection of works from 2005's theme, Brigit as Wounder,
    and of course, information on the Institute itself, its board, and so on.
  • there is also a discussion list.

  • The Institute for Feminism and Religion aims to explore a prophetic approach to feminism and religion, inclusive of many traditions and emerging consciousness in Ireland.

    They do this by providing opportunities for women to reclaim religion by engaging theoretically and experientially with the issues or feminist theology, ethics, spirituality and ritual.


    Anonymous said...

    This isn't really commenting on the latest article, but I wanted to share a link to an artist who has some beautiful and affordable gifts featuring Brigit as well as other Goddesses.

    Mael Brigde said...

    Thanks, Amanda!

    Do you know the exact location of the Brigit art? I didn't see it.


    Anonymous said...

    Sorry to take a bit getting back here... you can click on the subcategory "oracle" for the biggest online representation, or follow the link I'm providing. It is available printed on different stuff, and I plan to purchase a poster for my home. LINK: