Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Solas Bhride Pilgrimage

Solas Bhride is a small Christian community in Kildare, Ireland which is devoted to Celtic Christianity as exemplified by Saint Brigit of Ireland. The Catholic Sisters who live there are part of the Brigidine community, and a renewal of a long tradition of tending Brigit's flame.

Many places of contemplation and prayer bear Saint Brigit's name in Kildare and the surrounding countryside. The foundations of her ancient fire temple have been restored, the mother church of the Church of Ireland bears her name, wells and statues do as well.

If you cannot go to Ireland to visit Brigit's Kildare, go on a virtual pilgrimage online at the Solas Bhride site.


Anonymous said...

I found your site because of my own interest in Brigid.Last year I was inspired to restore the custom of Brigid's cloak and you can see the result at
These cloaks are also sold by the Brigidine Sisters in Co. Kildare, Ireland.
Warm wishes,
Sara Jane Kingston

Anonymous said...

Thank you for referencing the site of the Institute for Feminism and Religion in Ireland. We have celebrated Festival sof Brigit in various parts of Ireland now for over 14 years.

You may wish to add the book, "Serpent and the Goddess: Women, Religion and Power in Celtic Ireland" to your bibliography. It contains four chapters on Brigit in the context of the sexual politics of early Ireland. Originaly published in 1989 by Harper Collins, San Francisco, it is currently inprint through new Island Books, Dublin.

This year, the Women's Circle at Brescia College in London, Ontario, Canada, are organising a Brigit Festival, the first weekend in February.