Thursday, November 02, 2006

Book of Kells on DVD!

What a lovely opportunity for those with the cash! The Book of Kells on DVD--beautiful!

This DVD-ROM is the first digitised version of The Book of Kells to have been authorised by Trinity College Library Dublin. It has been produced by a partnership of Trinity College Library and X Communications.

The DVD contains images of all 680 pages of the manuscript - allowing the display of detailed reproductions of each page. Featuring narrations by Olivia O'Leary and Stephen Rea, the history of the manuscript is told, and the decorative and symbolic themes are clearly explained.

Available for International Delivery


Anonymous said...

This is so weird. That is the picture I once chose as my icon on a web-page.

I'm a Smith, from a long line of Smiths that originated in Richmondshire, so I know Brigid is my Goddess.

I can't believe how many Brigit sites have now sprung up and now you produce a book with that Icon on. It's the Phoenix and I gave myself the colourful name of Firebird back them :-)

Anonymous said...

hi, alan! lovely to meet you. i'm delighted there is so much interest i Brigit these days, myself. but i can't take credit for this book--i'm merely passing on the info.

sweet blessings of Brigit upon you!

mael brigde