Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brighid's Kiss: Triniti (Video on You Tube)

Beautiful song and video! I am trying to download it so I can share it here directly, but in the meantime, the url is this:

A Hedge of Trees posted these words to Brigit's Altar, 15 January 2009:

A version of Eithne and Padraig Ni hUallachain's "Brighid's Kiss is now on U tube together with beautiful images, mostly from Kildare.

In our Brigit celebrations we have used this track as Brigit enters the assembly, and it has been very powerful.

Here are the words of the original old Irish song, together with their additons.


1. Gabhaim Molta Bride…

Ionmhain í le hÉireann,

Ionmhain le gach tír í

Molaimis go léir í

Translation: Not sung

I praise Brighid

Beloved of Ireland

Beloved of all lands

We all praise her

2. Lóchrann geal na Laighneach

'Soilsiú feadh na tire

Ceann ar óghaibh Éireann

Ceann na mban ar míne.

Bright torch of Leinster

Shining throughout the land

Irish women cherish her

As do all fine women.

3. Tig an gheimhreadh dian dubh

Gearradh lena ghéire,

Ach ar Lá 'le Bríde

Gar dúinn Earrach Éireann

The harsh dark Winter comes

Cutting with its sharpness

But on Brighid's Day

Ireland's Spring is near.

4. Brighid of the sunrise, rising in the morning,

Rising with the Springtime, Greening all the land,

6.. You the red-eared white cow, Nourishing the people,

Nourish now the hunger, Souls' longing in our land.

5. See you in the soft cloud, See you in the raindrop,

See you in the winds of change, Blowing through the land.

7. Bird that is unfolding,

Now the time's upon us,

Only have we eyes to see, Your Epiphany.

Repeat first verse

Gabhaim Molta Bride…

A Hedge of Trees

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