Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brigit's Flame: Creativity makes you grow

Building on the idea of Brigit as matron of poetry, LiveJournal hosts a community called Brigit's Flame which is of interest:

Brigit's Flame writing community is dedicated to helping people grow as writers. We run a monthly writing contest, offer peer editing, and are dedicated to making sure that every person who brings their writing to our community has their writing read and commented on. 

Every day, our community has a daily "Chatter Post", which presents community members with a new question to think about and discuss among the members. All members are invited to join in our conversations.

If you'd like to visit a great online writing community that's dedicated to helping one another, visit the Brigits Flame LiveJournal Community!

We currently only accept active LiveJournal members to our group, but you're very welcome to create a LiveJournal and join us. Anyone is welcome to our community - we accept all people from all walks of life. Be prepared to have your ideas challenged, your thoughts explored, and your creativity exercised!

History of the Community

Brigits_Flame was founded by Boundfate on March 18, 2008, as an offshoot of a preexisting LiveJournal writing community called LJ Idol. It was seen as a way to take what Boundfate liked best about the Idol community and combine it with her own ideas and approaches to make a completely different community. Where LJ Idol combines the twists, turns, and excitement of reality TV with writing in an epic six month long contest, the Flame became more of a creative workshop with a contest edge, putting the emphasis on fine-tuning members' writing.

The name comes from the Celtic goddess of creativity, inspiration, healing, and smithcraft, Briget (pick a spelling). Some people believe that the phrase "creative spark" comes from her followers, as she is often depicted with a torch. Boundfate found her a good patroness for this group, and the name has become more and more fitting as the community has evolved: we've crafted our entries with great effort; we've healed ourselves and each other at times; and, of course, we pursue the creativity that makes us better than ever.

In its first couple of months, the community was very small. Its first contest had fourteen participants, and the community itself had about 35 members total. However, the community soon began to grow, most notably by being featured in LJ Spotlight twice - once in June of 2008 and then again in September of 2009. After the first spotlight, membership exploded from less than 100 up to 700. The moderators scrambled to stay organized, adding an editing team and adjusting to the fact that there were over 100 members competing for the following month. The moderation team grew, and with an enormous amount of help and patience from members, the Flame thrived.

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