Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brigid’s Blessing by Joanna Powell Colbert

Thanks to Becky of the Daughters of the Flame for this one.

From the SageWoman blog
Witches and Pagans Magazine

(Brigid speaks:)
May you accept this offering of my Sacred Fire. 
May your heart and hands burn with creative passion.
May you bring forth poetry, music, and art!
May your head burn with the fire of seership, marking you as shaman or bard.
May your hands be healing hands, glowing with inner light.
May you allow yourself to be transformed in the flames of my forge.

May you drink a long, cold swallow of clear water from a sacred well.
May you slow down long enough to notice the tender signs of spring: an unopened bud encased in ice, a purple crocus peeking up through the snow.
May you pause in your work to gaze with gratitude at the sight of swans flying over fallow fields.
May you tie a prayer cloth to a holy thorn or ancient apple tree on Bride’s Eve.
May you rejoice in the longer days, knowing that the fire of the sun is emerging from its winter slumber.

I am Brigid, Radiant Flame of Gold, Summoner of Spring. 
And I am kindling a flame in your heart.
If you click on the link above you will go to Joanna's website, where she gives more information on Brigit and the painting. Including:

Here we see Brigid offering us her sacred fire —
·         The fire of creativity that brings forth poetry, music, and art
·         The fire in the head that is the hallmark of shamans, seers, and bards
·         The fire of the forge, that symbolizes transformation
·         The fire of healing in the hands
·         The fire of medicinal and magical herbs
·         The fire of the sun emerging from its winter slumber
·         The fire at the center of the earth waking up once more to Spring.

Will you accept Brigid’s offering?

And in return, what will you offer Her?

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