Friday, June 27, 2014

Houston's "Brigid’s Place": A Sanctuary for the Female Soul

From the Brigid's Place webpage.

Mission Statement

Brigid’s Place provides education, dialogue and celebrations to foster women’s spiritual and personal transformation.

Our Organization

Brigid’s Place started with the financial support of the women of Christ Church Cathedral. Now more than 15 years later, seekers from all over South Texas and Louisiana, members of Christ Church Cathedral and people from other churches and places have been taking part in Brigid’s Place events. Many of our event participants are people who have become uncomfortable with certain aspects of organized religions yet are hungry to continue their spiritual growth and are searching for the sacred in their lives.
We believe that people with a spiritual hunger are looking for a place where they can ask questions about the meaning of life and their spiritual journey. There are no membership requirements. Many programs are offered free of charge and scholarships are often available for those who need them.
Brigid’s Place has often been called “a sanctuary for the female soul.” We offer opportunities to pray and meditate, alone or in community, find support and direction in small groups and conversations within community. Our academic aspect emphasizes a broad range of topics such as women’s voices, gender roles, women’s spiritual histories, theology and the scriptures, women and work, women and families, and all of the issues confronting women and men in our evolving society.
We were named after St. Brigid, a fifth-century Irish Celtic saint who founded a monastery for men and women who were known for their wisdom, compassion, hospitality and healing. The monastery was based on the social concept of equality between women and men.

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Stephanie Bird said...

This sanctuary is much needed. I'm sure it's appreciated, if not revered in your area. It's nice to see places like this exist, to feed the hungry soul.