Monday, July 13, 2015

Story Archaeologists Search for Brigid

St Brigid's Well at Faughart

I'm very fond of the podcasts (and blog posts) put together by the Wonderful and Talented Chris Thompson and Isolde Carmody on their site Story Archaeology. With well wrought stories, thorough examinations of texts, and a good dose of humour, they present fresh thinking on old stories from Irish mythology.

Follow this link to explore the posts tagged "Brig", or listen (I have pasted a small excerpt below) to "Mythical Women" episode 5 "The Search for Brigid". They provide downloadable files of all their podcasts (mp3s), or you may subscribe to them through iTunes. (Hint: I have found with iTunes in this particular case that I need to download the podcasts one at a time. Can't just click on them all and walk away.)

Hear also (of course!) the podcast on Brig's husband Bres in the Cath Maige Tuired, and read the associated blog postings.

Bres by Jim Fitzpatrick

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