Monday, November 09, 2015

The Cow That Nursed Saint Brigit

A Short History of Irish Moiled Cattle: Thanks for this, Vicki!

We nearly lost them. Thanks to those who've brought them back. Wouldn't I love to have a few of these beauties grazing in the back.

From Bethu Brigte, the Irish Life of Saint Brigit:

When it was time to wean her the druid was anxious about her; anything he gave her [to eat] she vomited at once, but her appearance was none the worse. ‘I know’, said the druid, ‘what ails the girl, [it is] because I am impure.’ Then a white red-eared cow was assigned to sustain her and she became well as a result.

Perhaps I'll change my name to Moil (Maol) Brigde...

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