Saturday, May 18, 2019

Travel Support for Abortion, USA: The Brigid Alliance

Erynn Rowan Laurie brought this alliance to my attention this week. In the midst of bad news around anti-choice legislation in the USA, the 
Brigid Alliance brings much needed assistance.

We make choice possible.

from their website:

Access to abortion is under attack in the United States.
The Brigid Alliance is dedicated to improving access to abortion by alleviating the logistical and financial constraints placed upon those who must travel for care.

The Brigid Alliance provides:

·         Transportation assistance: bus, plane, and train tickets or funds to cover gas,   tolls, and parking;

·         Housing assistance: hotel accommodations or referrals to local practical support   organizations;

·         Additional expenses: reimbursement for taxis, meals, and/or childcare;

·         Referrals to local practical support organizations for: clinic escort services,   emotional support, overnight hosting, and other support.

             Visit their site for more information.

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