Monday, February 03, 2020

Online Brigid Class by Amy Panetta

Amy leading Sunday worship at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Estrie, Quebec, Canada26 January 2020

Online Brigid Class + 
Can You Help?
While I give a number of in-person talks and work-
-shops, many people feel disappointed that they 
cannot make it due to their location and schedul-
ing conflicts (or even the weather!).  

So!  I have created an Online Brigid Class:

The Music of Brigid, 
Ireland's Patroness 

It is 50 minutes and includes:
  • A blessing - Farewell to the darkest part of 
the year (Samhain) and Greeting to the new 
season of early springtime (Imbolc).
  • Background on Brigid, the pre-Christian 
goddess, and Brigid the saint.
  • Short film on Brigid's celebration in Ireland 
and about the music that is featured.
  • Info on some of the earth-based music 
written in dedication to Brigid.
  • Me teaching you how to sing one of the 
most popular songs dedicated to Brigid, 
Gabhaim Molta Bhride in Irish Gaelic.  

This Online class can be accessed for 
Are you interested?  If so, just email me at, and I'll get 
back to you with the details ASAP!  

With your payment for this online class, I will 
put the money to use directly on the work I do 
for the Celtic Feminine Podcast.  Currently, the website for the 
podcast does not have its own domain name 
and I have not paid for a hosting service.  
Right now, the site is free, but it has unsightly 
ads on it.  So, the money from this online 
class will go towards purchasing a domain 
name and for the hosting service.  

Thank you very much for your consideration!


Bridee Redbud said...

What podcast is referred to in this post? Thanks!

Mael Brigde said...

Oops! That's what I get for excerpting her letter and not doing a careful reread! It's the Celtic Feminine Podcast.

I'll fix that now. Thanks for the headsup, Unknown.