Friday, March 20, 2020

"A Novena with Brighid to Connect, Root, and Remember" with Tonja Reichley

I have lifted this post from the website of Tonja Reichley, Herbalist (Bsc, MBA), Ritualist and Author. I don't know her or her work, but I stumbled across this Novena, which begins tonight, and thought some of you might like to practice with her.

Image: "Dandelions" by Jean-François Millet Public Domain

A Novena with Brighid to Connect, Root, and Remember

March 20- 28, 2020 SIGN UP ON HER PAGE

In this unprecedented time of isolation and physical/ social distancing, join me for a time of connection, to tap into a higher consciousness outside of dominant culture, to remember an ancestral flow of levity as we move into the unknown.

Join me for a novena, with Brighid, Irish goddess, saint, herbalist, as our guide.  We will invoke her, pray with her, receive the healing power of laughter, connection and ritual.  We will awaken with the energies of the Spring Equinox, as the dandelion passionately bursts flower to sun and the birch unfurls tender green shoots.   We will come back to the Earth, remembering her rhythms, rooting into her wisdom and surrendering to the path, again and again, with grace and hope. 

You will receive a daily email from March 20-27, including simple and beautiful ways to bring the sacred into each of your days.  We will work with an invocation for the nine days and I will offer herbcraft, tree connection, potion making, writing prompts and other simple rituals based in Irish spiritual tradition to root into the Earth and find our center.

The novena will include audio recordings/ journeys, stories about Brighid and short videos.  I hope to include a live online call or two (which will be recorded if you are unable to make it).  

I am offering this at no cost to you, as many of us are facing income challenges and I want this to be available to everyone to share and participate. Please spread the word.   If you are able and inclined to offer a donation, I would humbly receive it (Venmo and PayPal are options) although please know I am honored to journey with each and every one of you.  Brighid eschewed capitalist culture and too knew when to receive (even when the chieftain thought he outsmarted her!  More on that story in the novena if you are not familiar with it. xxx).

A Novena with Brighid to Connect, Root and Remember

Intention:  May Brighid’s Mantle Enfold Us

Invocation to Brighid

Brighid of the awakening days, offer me hope.  As maiden of spring, you give me the promise of new life, with the herbs and the trees and the living green.  May I believe.

Brighid of the sacred flame, give me fortitude.  As protector of hearth and home, you give me courage to gather here with you, to make my hearth holy once again.  May I burn brightly.

Brighid of the healing waters, help me surrender.  As guardian of the flowing streams, you encourage me to flow and ebb, connecting to the primal rhythms, within and without.  May I unknow.

Brighid of the tender Earth, guide me back to her.  As wise woman of the Earth, bring me to her so that I may remember how our roots are nourished here.  May i tend.

Brighid of the awakening days, offer me hope.

Brighid of the sacred flame, give me fortitude.

Brighid of the healing waters, help me surrender.

Brighid of the tender Earth, guide me back to her.

Held in the embrace of your shimmering mantle.

This day and each sacred day.  Awen.  Amen.

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