Thursday, August 20, 2020

What? Not Another One of Those!

I have a nascent Page on Facebook where I intend to bring together the various streams of my Brigidine activities, but as I'm in the thick of other things as well, it's developing slowly. Of the posts I have, this little altar shows up several times--in different capacities, of course. So when I was moved to put yet another image of it up, I had a little inward laugh, thinking of the groans of people who've seen all of the others already.

What? Another picture of my main Brigit altar? Where's the variety? Well, that's kind of the point. Being here again, sitting with her.

I almost skipped my devotions today. I’m up late after a poor sleep, and I have work to do. I've spent time on the necessities of the day, so I should get straight to work—right?

So I always think. But I was reminded again that this IS my practice: finding time for self-care, time with Brigit, time with silence and sound and awareness beyond "getting things done." Then on top of it all I discover that the dish the candle sits in has waxy spills. I think, "This needs to be cleaned. She needs something new there." And another fifteen minutes are spent on that.

So, yes. I’m getting started on what I don’t discount as "work" rather—very—late today. But I am coming to it fed not only by what is given and received in the doing, but by the fact that I made it my priority when I was kidding myself that it was less important. It is as important to me as working on my book, another offering to Brigit. It is even more important than keeping up with my Irish lessons, much as I love doing that work and much as I dislike falling behind. So I wanted to share this quiet moment of contentment with you before I go do what I can to get my Brigit devotional out into the world.

Sweet blessings.


My Facebook Page, Brigit's Portal, can be found at this link.

Image: Brigit altar, photo by Mael Brigde.


Tiege McCian said...

Ug Mael Brigde, ANOTHER pic of your alter?!?!?

Lol, its a well composed shot, make it available as wallpaper! ;) Anyway I'm glad to hear you are busy with so many projects to keep us all excited! I hope this post finds you well, always anticipating what topics you have in store!

Mael Brigde said...

Many thanks, Tiege. It’s lovely to hear from you. 🙏🏼