Sunday, February 28, 2021

St. Brigid Festival Vancouver Day 3: Legends & Mythology of Brigid (Video)


As I've mentioned in previous posts, Vancouver was host to a wonderful week long Brigit festival for the second time this year. Because it was online it was possible to have speakers from far afield, and one rewarding session was held on Day 3: Legends & Mythology of Brigid. 

The speakers were storyteller and songster Philomena Jordan, Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland, and Dolores Whelan, co-founder of Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage, author and speaker. Their host was Cynthia Wallentine. The session is now available on YouTube. Check the out the Festival page for other sessions. They aren’t all up yet, but hopefully in time they will be. 

St. Brigid Festival Vancouver Day 3: Legends & Mythology of Brigid

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