Friday, October 01, 2004


Blessed Be the Golden Sparkling Flame!


How To Post A Comment

A lot of people get confused by this. Fear Not! you use it by going to the blog, reading a message (or ignoring the message--that part doesn't matter), then going to the bottom of ANY message where there is a solid line and then the words:

posted by Daughter of Brigit (TIME) PM 0 comments

you click on the word "comments" and the message comes up again with all the comments that have already been posted to it below.

at the bottom of the last comment you will see this:

posted by Daughter of Brigit (or by somebody else) (TIME) PM


Post a Comment

if you click on
Post a Comment you will get to say whatever you like and either sign in as anonymous or, if you have a blog on blogspot, by your blogger name. if you have to use anonymous, you can sign your name at the bottom of your comment, if you want.

see you there!

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Ani Greenwood said...

Create a shrine online. Brighid rules! The instructions are clear, and I was here.