Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Celtic Well

i've come across a very interesting site called the Celtic Well--"an e-mail mailing list for those interested in studying the evidence for ancient, medieval, and modern Celtic religious practices and beliefs." within this site are reading lists, discussions, photos and much more for those interested in a balanced and careful and deeply respectful approach to the sacred materials of the Celts.

"We believe that acquiring sound knowledge is one of the best ways to encourage healthy spiritual growth and inspiration. By assembling together in this virtual forum, we hope to promote knowledge and heal divisions among Celts of all religious persuasions.

"We will be discussing the objective evidence for Celtic religion as found in the art, architecture, archaeology, folklore, hagiography, history, language, mythology, and other sources. We recognize that intuition and personal experience form an essential part of one's personal religious practice. However, because there are other lists where personal practice can be discussed, such subjects generally are considered off-topic here."

the page dedicated to Brigit is named: Brighid--What Do We Really Know? and can be found at:

other pages related to Brigit abound:

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