Friday, February 25, 2005

Restoring Bride's Mound

a couple of days ago i received an email telling me about a group of women in Glastonbury, England called the Friends of Bride's Mound who wish to buy this little piece of land and preserve it as a sacred site. the land is currently for sale and the decision will be made on 1 march. the Daughters of the Flame have sent a cheque to help with the purchase of this land, as others who are concerned with the sacred sites of the Celtic Goddess and Saint Brigit are invited to do.

why is this important? it certainly isn't the most dire petition for money i have come across in the last year. the floods in Haiti and Guyana, the killing in Darfur, the tsunamis in Asia, AIDS and malaria in the third world, homelessness in Canada are all more immediate disasters. yet we have a need not only to respond to disaster, but to preserve the elements that nourish our spirits. these range from wild country with its inhabitants to ancient temples and modern sanctuaries to what are now called, oddly, "green spaces" in our busy towns.

for those of us who love our ancestral cultures and religions, preserving living links to them, places where we can connect directly to them and deepen our own awareness and sensitivity, is extremely important. Bride's Mound is one of those places, and i am grateful that there are people willing and able to organize themselves to try to care for this one small part of our sacred heritage. whether i am able to walk that land one day or not, i have walked similar, and i am strengthened by the knowledge of one more piece of contemplation and prayer secured for a little while.

if you wish to make a donation, please go to the Bride's Mound Appeal page of the Bride's Mound website.

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