Thursday, February 28, 2008 -- A Brigit Site to Treasure

Brighid Goddess and Saint is a fine site compiled by Paul Williment. On it you will find information on customs, Brigit sites in Ireland, The Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales, and England, books and CDs, links to related sites, and information on both Her goddess and saint aspects.

It's wonderful stuff, expertly and beautifully constructed, with lots of photographs to fill out the picture of modern Brigit devotion.

Thank you, Paul!

"The banner above depicts Brighid against Eilean Bhride in the Hebrides. The scroll honours all those who have preserved Her story throughout the ages. The red hot iron spiral represents the goddess and suggests a crosier as a reminder that St. Bridget was consecrated as a religious using the form of the ordination of a bishop."

Paul Williment

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