Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Daughters of Daghda, a Brigidine Celtic Reconstructionist Site

excerpted from the site:

Céad Mile Faílte! One hundred thousand welcomes to my site in honor of the Goddess Brighid! I am a Celtic Reconstructionist Pagan of Irish heritage, which dates back to 1706 in the New World, and that of Eastern Band Mississippi Choctaw. Here I have tried to provide interesting and informative links to sites about Brighid. There are also pages about my devotions and spirituality to Her as a CRP and pictures of my seasonal altars dedicated to Her for offerings and meditation. Of course, my kitties have their own cozy corner as they deserve a special space for themselves. My intense political life demands its own voice on the site as it is also an integral part of my love for and having been claimed by Herself.

I began wanting an Order of Flamekeepers where the women to whom I passed Her Flame were on the same CR path as myself. We have begun this project in our CR community under the inspiration of Kathryn Price NicDhana who is sworn to Brighid and a Flametender for many years. If you are a woman who is practicing the CR spirituality or very much interested in doing so and have special devotion to Brighid, please follow this link to our LiveJournal community of Brighidwomen. The Order is in its early formation and will be a collective effort in its foundation stages:


S. Breen

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