Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life of St. Brigid, virgin : first abbess of Kildare, special patroness of Kildare Diocese, and general patroness of Ireland (1877)

Life of Saint Brigid, Virgin, First Abbess of Kildare. The full text of this 1877 book by John Hanlon can be found online at the Internet Archive. Click above for a selection of formats.


Jane G Meyer said...

Thank you for all these resources!

I've written a children's book on Brigid titled, The Life of Saint Brigid: Abbess of Kildare. It was published by Conciliar Press and was only just released in July 2009.

I had such a wild time tracking down sources for writing the book. This one, here, I've never seen but will check out... She is an inspiring woman to write about and I pray her story becomes more widely known, and that others will be affected by her example of wild generosity and love for God and her neighbor...

You can see more about my book, and the story behind it on my website:


Mael Brigde said...

Thank you for your comment, Jane. Your book looks great, and the audio and video clips on your website are good for sharing. I'll post a link to them on Brigit's Sparkling Flame.

Sweet blessings!
Mael Brigde