Monday, April 26, 2010

NeoDruid Clann mothered by Brigit: Tuatha De Brighid

Tuatha De Brighid - The People of the Goddess Brighid - is a Clann of modern Druids who are honored to call Brighid our Matron and Guide. We are both a community and a spiritual tradition. Our Tradition is inspired by ancient and modern paths as we seek to transcend differences and find common ground personified in the timeless Spirit of Druidry.

Like a tapestry, we strive to create a beauty uniquely our own out of many threads, without losing the individual identity of those threads. Brighid, who is both a Goddess of the Pagan Celts and a Saint of the Christians, is a fitting Matron for this endeavor, and so we are Her Folk. We honor all life, all love, and all wisdom, and we welcome all earnest seekers.

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