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Kildara Centre & Brigid's Well (Course)

The Australian Brigidine Sisters have in Malvern, Victoria the Kildara Centre with many facilities including a non-residential conference centre, Brigidine archives (and better still, an archivist to help you find what you need there), and so on.

They annually offer Brigid's Well, a course for Adult Searchers.

From their site:

The association between water and spiritual power can be traced back to the Bronze Age, and water (the well) is very prominent in most Celtic Mythology. Large bodies of water, such as lakes & rivers, were important sites for ritual activity. Many archeological discoveries today witness to the ways in which people in those very early times threw jewelry, weapons, body amor, all sorts of high quality metal work into the lakes to appease their gods and goddesses.

There are countless wells scattered across Ireland named after Brigid, and associated with these wells is healing, nourishment, hospitality and blessing for people in need. One can easily imagine the water from those wells, water that is sacred, coursing through mother earth and reaching the Antipodes and flowing through our Australian waterways.

The story in the Scripture of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well and the transformation that occurred in both through their interaction has become the symbol for our Brigid's Well Program at Kildara Centre.

It is no accident that today Kildara Centre, is situated on a very ancient aboriginal site consisting of a huge underground spring. Imagine it as a watering hole for our indigenous sisters and brothers in ancient times. Today it is covered with layers and layers of concrete, buildings, roads etc., yet evidence of its existence and movements is still clear, its dampness quite pervasive, and its power ever present.

Brigid's Well is the name given to our Program for Adult Searchers. In various ways, this Program offers :

life-giving interaction
creative prayer experiences
opportunities for personal growth
discussion of current issues
to break open the Word
involvement in issues of justice
deeper understanding of God
to explore the Celtic tradition
to re-interpret Brigid
to develop various concepts of spirituality
a place to share views in safety and freedom
an alternative to institutionalised religion
some religious experience
assistance to find meaning
spiritual direction

We have established a Brigid's Well Community which engages in attempting to break open the Word raising issues of injustice in the wider community, and in breaking open the lives of Brigid and Delany discovering what their stories have to offer us today.

This community also hosts some of the sessions of the Program and plans for the following year.

Download the 2012 Programme booklet.

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