Sunday, March 22, 2015

Remember Marcella

When looking for well researched and illustrated posts on Irish saints, particularly the three primary saints of Ireland, Columba, Patrick, and Brigid, you could do a lot worse than to turn to Marcella, who describes herself thus:

"I am an Irishwoman interested in the lives of our native saints. I am not a professional scholar in this field but attempt to keep up with the work of those who are. I am particularly interested in the many obscure Irish saints whose names fill the pages of our Martyrologies."

Once the force behind Under the Oak, Marcella now maintains Trias Thaumaturga and Omnium Sanctorum Hiberniae. To get a sense of her interest in Brigid, have a look at the posts about her in February 2012:


Marcella said...

Thanks very much for linking to the blog. It contains all of my original Under the Oak posts on Saint Brigid and since starting Trias I have made an octave of posts in her honour starting on 1 Feb each year. I am still actively researching St Brigid and committed to bringing new posts about her. Thanks again for the generous mention. Brat Bride ort!

Mael Brigde said...

Go ndéana a mhaith dhuit!