Friday, October 23, 2020

Testing, Testing (Mael Brigde's First Meme)


I'm trying to figure out how to make memes and share them, particularly on Instagram, which I've just joined and do NOT understand. So I used Canva to make this meme on the laptop, emailed it to my iPad, and can't find it there, although I downloaded it. Oh! What if I opened Canva on the iPad?

One moment please.

Hmm. Well, I found all of them--in Files (which is the secret name for Downloads), but I can't get them into Pictures, which means Instagram can't see them. : (

Well, you didn't need to know all this, though if you have any tips, clearly I could use them. Meanwhile, here it is, one of my shortest poems:

Oh! And if you would like to follow me on Instagram, you'll find me here:


Tiege McCian said...

Congrats Mael Brigde! Looks like a meme to me!

Mael Brigde said...

Thanks, Tiege!