Wednesday, November 04, 2020

New Header After Sixteen Years!

I have been learning Canva recently, and decided to take on designing a new header. I was happy enough with the old one, except that there was no way to format the title in the way I wanted it. It was always glued annoyingly close to the edge of the image. Well, here is a brand new one, which employed a lot of patience as I tried to find the right photo, and as I fiddled with colour until I was satisfied. The image is one of mine, of my shift candle in front of a Saint Brigit holy card. It's a pretty simple design, but the more complicated one I made first just felt a touch uncomfortable with the busy blog wallpaper.

So, voila! I hope you enjoy it.


Tiege McCian said...

Your creation is very elegant and projects a gentle spirit. That's what it says to me anyway, lol, I hope that sentiment doesn't upset you. The coloration that you chose adds a warm, inviting character; a homey sanctuary. Reflecting on it, I feel that that highlights your smarts, as (I think) color temps that cast a sense of, say, serenity, often cross the line and start evoking cold and stricken solemnity.

Cool to see you on a role! Waiting for more!

Mael Brigde said...

Oh, thank you, Tiege! I'd started worrying about it, but your words help put my mind at ease. More soon!