Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Reading to Brigit


One of the reasons I wanted to write a book of Brigit was so that I would have a book of Brigit. Now that I have an advance copy in my hand I can do what I wanted with that unknown book:

Use it in my devotions.

I was a little apprehensive that reading my own poems and prayers, which form the lion's share of the book (the divine cow's share?) would feel odd. But I'm not finding that at all. So far, when I am doing my daily devotional, I have been reading one piece aloud. I began the practice with the thought that it was "for" me, but for the last couple of days they have been addressed to Brigit, specifically. I've realised that, of course, although I benefit enormously from having them to focus my mind on her and what she is, has been, and means to me, more than anything, these writings are hers. The sense they immediately return to me, from the decade of moments when I sat and wrote them, is of great love for, and strong connection to the saint and goddess who embraced me long ago.

This is a good thing. Something to cherish, and not to feel embarrassed by. I wrote us a book -- Brigit, and me, and you, if you can benefit from this companionship, these stories of Brigit, these words of petition and praise. It feels wonderful to finally hold it, and use it as it was meant to be used. 

The poem I read today was "Well Offering," and that reading was part of what prompted me to write this post. You can read it on my Brigit poetry blog, Stone on the Belly.

Image: The poem "Well Offering" in the advance copy of A Brigit of Ireland Devotional - Sun Among Stars.

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