Thursday, December 10, 2020

Orlagh's Blog - Brigid's Forge

For those of you not aware of it, Orlagh Costello, founder of the Facebook group, Brigid's Forge, also has a blog of the same name (subtitled: Fiction and research about Brigid, Irish deity, saint, and so much more). In it she writes clear, insightful posts, in which she draws on her experience as an Irish woman, and a devotee of Brigit. Her teachings are accessible and very human. They can aid us not only in our devotional practice, but simply as humans seeking to live well in an often troubling world.

About her blog, Orlagh writes:

Brigid’s Forge is a place for me to blog about Brigid, Irish deity, saint, nun, ollamh, and much, much more. Being Irish, I’ve grown up with stories about Brigid, practices about Brigid, superstitions about Brigid my whole life. Our landscape here in Ireland is covered in sacred wells, placenames and other indications of our love of the being in question. This blog is a mix of fiction (clearly labelled as such), the results of my research into our Irish lore on her and the topics I think link to her, as well as my writings on my energetical practices and modern issues I believe she would be interested in.

Today's post is Native vs Non-Native Brigid. I invite you to have a read, and follow Orlagh wherever you can. 

Great news, by the way: Orlagh is working on a book about Brigit. I can't wait to read it. 

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