Friday, June 11, 2021

Megan Black: Growing as a Spiritual Person


I just listened to Megan Black's 103rd episode of her podcast, Round the Cauldron: Growing as a Spiritual Person. She talks about what the terms mean, then gives a very thoughtful, sometimes personal, inspiring talk on what this has meant in her life and how it touches the larger community.

I began to follow Megan because I thought she was a Wiccan (she was) and I wanted to see Neo-Paganism outside of my own community. How amusing to discover that over time she has moved from Wicca to something very like my own spirituality. Did I just hear the name #Brigit?

One thing that especially struck me was her discussion of how she has worked with Brigit in understanding her own spiritual needs, and these include finding the courage to look at her self and her behaviours honestly.

I just love this woman!

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