Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Online Pop Up Talk: St. Brigid's Shoe Shrine

 The National Museum of Ireland released an online talk on Facebook yesterday, which focusses on one artifact connected to her, the shoe shrine. From the post:

"Celebrate St. Brigid's Day and learn more about the saint and her Shoe Shrine.

"Watch our new pop-up talk about Ireland’s female saint, St. Brigid, and her Shoe Shrine that is on display at the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology. Discover more about the life of the saint and her miracles, and find out more about the unique Shoe Shrine that is associated with St. Brigid.

"Learn about the traditions and practices associated with #StBrigid

"Learn about the elaborate shrines which were made to contain artefacts that were associated with saints and these were often embellished and inscribed over the centuries at the Colmcille: Sacred objects of a Saint - 1500 years of devotion Exhibition- #archaeology #StBrigidsDay


Image: St. Brigid's Shoe Shrine from National Museum of Ireland.

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