Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Two New Brigit Courses (with Mael Brigde)

I can't believe I forgot to post these here! I have launched two courses on Brigit with Goddess Ink and the Mystery School of the Goddess. The first is a brief introduction which lays the groundwork for the second, a thirty day activation course. Next year I plan to launch a longer immersion course as well.

Something you might want to know before signing up: Discovering Brigit (the intro) is $15 US, but if you follow the link at the end of the course to sign up for Stepping Into Brigit you will receive a discount of $13. Not a bad deal.

It was very rewarding putting these courses together, despite this being a difficult year in other ways. Returning over and over to Brigit and her lore and traditions in the midst of loss gave me sustenance and joy. Now I get to share those efforts with others; a real blessing.

Mael Brigde

(Click below for more details on the courses.)

Discovering Brigit – Goddess and Saint with Mael Brigde {OPEN}

Course Title: Discovering Brigit – Goddess and Saint
Format:  Open Access and Self Study – Begin anytime and all info immediately available
Guides/Instructors:  Mael Brigde
Investment:  $15
Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  5 Modules – Participant completes at their own pace
Ancient Goddess? Christian Saint? Neo-Pagan Deity? Who is Brigit? How do we know? Where can you find reliable information about her, and materials which take an approach that’s right for you?
The Irish goddess Brigit and Saint Brigit are inextricably tied together, yet each plays distinct and powerful roles in the daily lives of people around the world. Mael Brigde’s introductory class, Discovering Brigit, teaches some of her basic aspects and offers tools for learning more about her and exploring the idea of welcoming her into your life. A full Brigidine Well Meditation rounds off this short, lively course.  Discovering Brigit is open to people of any gender identity, creed, or race.

If you…

– are new to Brigit and want an introduction to her traditions, scholarship, rituals, and resources
– are familiar with Brigit but have read contradictory statements and want to navigate her story with clarity and confidence
– want to follow a Celtic spiritual path, Neo-Pagan or Christian
– would benefit from encouragement and guidance from a longtime follower of Brigit
… then  welcome to Mael Brigde’s five session, self-paced introductory class, Discovering Brigit. All you need a curious, open mind, and a love of exploration.

Included in this course of five modules (plus “The Next Step”) are:

· A grounding in the mythology of Brigit, goddess and saint
· An idea of where Brigit comes from and how we can assess the plethora of information we read about her
· Prayers, poems, and images to inspire a deeper appreciation of Brigit
· Help in pronouncing key Irish words
· A list of resources for those who wish to know more
· The encouragement and knowledge of your teacher, Mael Brigde, as you experience this interactive course.
· A Brigidine Well Meditation
· An invitation to deepen your learning and your immersion into Brigit by enrolling in Mael Brigde’s second course, Stepping Into Brigit. Those who are enrolled in Discovering Brigit will be given a substantial coupon to continue their studies of Stepping into Brigit.

Stepping into Brigit – Goddess Activation Course with Mael Brigde {OPEN}

Course Title: Stepping into Brigit – Goddess Activation Course
Format:  On Demand Self Study – Begin anytime
Guides/Instructors:  Mael Brigde
Investment:  $48
Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  12 Modules over 30 Days
Over the next thirty days, you will have an opportunity to ease into your connection with Brigit more deeply, to begin to grow into her lore and traditions and to awaken her in you. Stepping Into Brigitimmerses you in the lore and celebration of this goddess and saint in her many aspects. Meet Brigit as smith, healer, poet, as triple goddess, as saint who purifies, who is boundless in generosity and protection. Music, poetry, meditations, opportunities for journalling, creativity, ritual, food, art, and traditional crafts make this a journey of joy, reflection, and stimulation.
Ancient Goddess? Christian Saint? Neo-Pagan Deity? Who is Brigit? How do we know? Where can you find reliable information about her, and materials which take an approach that’s right for you? You can start right here:
If you are new to Brigit, we recommend that you take the introductory class Discovering Brigitfirst. The intro course also includes a substantial coupon to apply towards the investment in Stepping into Brigit.

Included in this course of eleven modules over 30 days are:

· An invitation and instructions on how to set an intention to carry with you through the course
· Creating sacred space and basic meditation technique
· Meditations (guided, silent, and walking)
· Poetry, song, and stories of the goddess and saint (including some song downloads)
· Festivals and associations (expanded)
· An examination of the goddess Brigit’s triplicity and relationships: what would it be like to grow up in that community with those sisters?
· It’s complicated: Saint Brigit’s family life, and the setting against each other of her mother and her father’s wife
· Eating with Brigit: how she and her people would have eaten, ritual use of food, traditional recipes (which I hope to hear reports on the results thereof!)
· Creating Brigit crafts and art
· Journalling
· A look at Brigit and her people, her land
· Brigidines for a better world
· Visioning Brigit in your life
· More resources


Mael Brigde founded the Daughters of the Flame on Imbolc, 1993.

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