Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Another Anniversary Coming Up -- Daughters of the Flame

 I am feeling very happy about the upcoming anniversary of Daughters of the Flame -- 28 years tending Brigit's hearth. I'm grateful for the immense changes that have come about in my life through committing myself to Brigit and to you. I think of the women who have come and gone, some who have stayed for decades. None of us see her or practice in quite the same way as each other, but for the most part we have loved and been supportive and embraced our differences.

I am also grateful for the many others I have met in more recent times, Brigit lovers and allies of great diversity. What a joyful gift I have received from knowing you.

I raise a glass of buttermilk to Brigit and to you. May the coming celebration of her feast and the spring beyond it bring blessings to you all.

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