Monday, January 18, 2021

Holy Brighid, Goddess and Saint, a Talk by Rev. Rowan Fairgrove


The Reverend Rowan Fairgrove, longtime member of Daughters of the Flame, spoke to South Bay Circles in California last November on "Holy Brighid, Goddess and Saint." 

From her introduction:

Rowan's accomplishments are extensive (as seen below) but, for this talk, she comes to us as a Daughter of the Flame - an organization dedicated to keeping Brighid's Flame lit. For more information, click here. Rev. Rowan Fairgrove is a Wiccan, first initiation in 1971, with initiations including Gardnerian, NROOGD & Ozark Celtic (but practicing NROOGD since 1981). Her current NROOGD Coven, Owl Moon, celebrated our 15 anniversary in May. She is a Senior Medium of the American Magic Umbanda House, headwashed to Pombagira Cigana Rainha; a National Interfaith Representative of Covenant of the Goddess; an ordained Priestess of Brighid through Fellowship of Isis and is also a Daughter of the Flame. She has practiced Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism in the Inis Glas tradition (magical side). She does quite a lot of interfaith and social justice work. She is a member of the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (serving on the steering committee for our local Branch) and a Raging Granny. She is involved with the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival; a disability rights advocate, and has been a registered Green Party member since that was possible in California. She does faith-based social justice work with PACT (People Acting in Community Together), which is part of PICO CA which, in turn, is part of Faith in Action nationally. She is on the Executive Committee of the Board of our local interfaith council, The Silicon Vally Interreligious Council. She lobbies our City Council and the State legislature regularly.

Click here to watch a video of her talk on all ideas Brigit.

Image: from Rowan Fairgrove.

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