Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Mael Brigde Interview - Ev0ke: Witchcraft + paganism + lifestyle


Regular visitors may be wondering what more I can possibly have to say about Brigit, but I am happy to say that I don't seem to have run out yet. Rebecca Buchanan interviewed me for Ev0ke magazine's August issue, and you can find the interview here.

From their website:

"ev0ke is dedicated to supporting and promoting witchcraft and Paganism. We want to see them represented more, both in the real world and in fiction, so we publish essays, short stories, poetry, lifestyle features, pop culture commentary, interviews, and reviews. All of our articles and stories are selected to help us deepen our faiths and practices, and we are always open to hearing about ways we can improve the publication."

They have been publishing for two years this month, so feel free to dip into their archives, or send a submission -- or both!

Image: Ev0ke cover, August 2021

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