Friday, October 01, 2004

Brigit: The Survival of a Goddess

from the The Druid Grove: The Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids

several pages dealing with the ancient Celtic Goddess Brigit & her Saintly Successor.

Catholic Brigidine Sisters in Australia

The Brigidines of Australia
from their site at:

Reading and responding to the signs of the times led Daniel Delany, Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, to establish the Congregation of the Sisters of St Brigid (Brigidine Sisters) in 1807. In the shadow of the penal days in Ireland the need for education and revitalizing the faith was stark. Six ordinary Irish women came together in Tullow on the first of February to begin this work. The fledgling congregation was placed under the patronage of Our Lady and St. Brigid and Bishop Delany planted a sapling from the oak at Brigid's abbey in Kildare as a sign that the work begun by Brigid had sprouted again. Over almost two hundred years the Brigidine Sisters have continued to read and respond to the signs of the times, branching out to various parts of the world to work in education, ever-widening pastoral ministries and to work for social justice.

Continuing active engagement in the wide-ranging issues of right relationships, equal access to the world's resources and other issues of justice have given rise to the following commitment:

As Brigidines, we stand in reverence
for the community of life
and we will continue to work
to further compassion and justice
for humanity and the earth.

The Town of Saint Brigid's Birth

A page called St Brigid, Muire na nGael, First Woman of Ireland.

Contains info about Saint Brigid's birth in the area, and various shrines and monuments which honour her. Also instructions in making Brigid's Crosses.

From the site of Scoil Phádraig Naofa, "a small, Irish, rural school located near the east coast on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. Our nearest towns are
Dundalk and Newry." Created by the students.

Online Audio Meditation by Mara Freeman

guided meditation
The Forge in the Forest
Meeting Brigit--triple-goddess of healing, smithcraft, and inspiration.
Mara Freeman: voice and zither
Gerry Smida: harp, keyboards, percussion
The goddess Brigit presides over the early springtime festival once known as Imbolc in Ireland, and is associated with smithcraft, a sacred art in many primal cultures. The smith transforms the ore from the lower world with the fire of the upper world to create something new and beautiful. The following meditation takes you to Brigit's forge to gain inspiration for your own creativity. Place a candle and matches in front of you before you begin.

Go to the Beliefnet site to hear this meditation. Bring a candle!


Blessed Be the Golden Sparkling Flame!


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