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Blessings of Brigit on this Imbolc!

Blessings of Brigit upon you and yours
upon us and ours.
May our world heal and our eyes open.

Pamela Davis

Attributed to Jane Brideson

"Bridget, Breo-Saighit, Brigit, Brighid, Brighde, Bhride, Bride, Brid"

"Bridget, Breo-Saighit, Brigit, Brighid, Brighde, Bhride, Bride, Brid"

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese has a tribute page to Brigit that features a number of photos of Brigit associations -- The Pride of Poets
,The Clan of the Caduceus, The Guild of Smithies, The Mugwort Clan, The Boar Clan...

As well are some very familiar descriptions of her attributes: "Bridget is often seen dressed sensibly in clothing appropriate to the job She is currently engaged in. Though their is often a bit of decoration on any outfit She chooses to wear. Brid’s beekeeping out fit is stunning. For instance, Her white bee veil is embroidered with hundreds of golden bees. Our Bhride also always keeps a small collection of gowns at hand for those special nights out to the opera or theater. Brid delights in the reds, pinks, yellow, oranges, ivories and blues of spring. But, She also has plenty of dark outfits one may need for a number of those special occasions. Brid delights in honey colored jewels; amber, topaz, diamonds, sapphires, etc. She adores all metals, particularly all well crafted objects of steel. Bridget often wears plain kaki work clothes as She drives through the countryside in Her vintage 1980 Land Rover pickup truck."

Image of Brighde by Anne-Marie Perks: "This watercolour represents my interpretation of Bríghde. This is her as seer, swirling the waters in the bowl that tells her stories around it. I used oil crayons and watercolour in this painting."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brigid of Kildare gaining popularity: reprinted from Clerical Whispers

The blog "Clerical Whispers" (Irish RC Clergy Giving The Uncomfortable Truth From Within) posted this article about Brigid and her followers. (I am trying to track down the name of the artist who did the piece on the left.)

FRIDAY, JANUARY 30, 2009 Brigid of Kildare gaining popularity

Kildare and Leighlin Diocese is to celebrate the feast of St Brigid, (principal patron of the diocese) in a special way as it falls on a Sunday this year. Celebrants can use special prayers for the Feast of St. Brigid along with a communion reflection and the Readings for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time. It is suggested that a St Brigid’s cross be displayed during the communion reflection which refers to how St Brigid weaved a cross from rushes as she visited a dying chieftain.

The cross has become a symbol of peace and protection, and a blessing for the home and hearth.

It was exchanged as a sign of reconciliation during clan feuds in Brigid’s time.

It continues to be weaved to this day.St Brigid’s festival in Kildare, Féile Bríde, is also going from strength to strength. This is the 17th year of the festival and up to 600 are expected at the well alone, and hundreds more to poetry readings, musical evenings, workshops, conferences and Mass and other prayer services that take place around the town. Among the visitors will be 20 Swedish ladies who represent 1000 of their number in Scandinavia who model themselves on the life of St Brigid of Kildare. These are Lutheran women who read books by Fr John Ryan and Sr Rita Minehan and got in touch with the Brigidine sisters who run Solas Bhríde in Kildare. 600 of them have come to the festival over the years. They meet twice a month, read something of St Brigid, share, pray and have charitable events. “St Brigid was a woman for today with her concern for the earth plus the arrival of spring on her feast day. There are tremendous celebrations around Ireland, in Clare, Kildare, Roscommon and there is a whole following of St Brigid right across the world.

St Brigid’s legends are like parables - like giving away her father’s sword - get rid of war and weapons and feed the hungry – that is a real message for today,” Sr Mary Minehan, Solas Bhríde, told ciNews.

“As I am looking out the window I see some snowdrops in full bloom in the garden and the snowdrops are called the footsteps of St Brigid.” Brigid of Kildare is a patroness of those who have a care for the earth, for justice and equality, for peace and she is a model for a contemplative life, she said. Feile Bhríde includes a Peace and Justice conference in collaboration with Afri - Action from Ireland - at Derby House Hotel, Kildare Town.“Seeds of Change: Seeds of Hope” conference speakers include Denis Halliday former UN Assistant Secretary General and Frida Berrigan niece of anti-war campaigner Fr. Dan Berrigan. For further information or to book, see Other events will include Brigid’s Banquet, poetry readings and concerts and the Annual Celtic Lecture “The Flame of Justice – Brigid and the practice of Social Ethics” with Prof. Johnston McMaster from the Irish School of Ecumenics.

For further details:



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(Source: CIN)POSTED AT 1/30/2009 12:14:00 AM

Sotto Voce


Friday, January 22, 2010

Upcoming Brigit Events in Ireland

Thanks to the Institute for Feminism and Religion for this info:


January 29th to 31st Non-residential

Sophia Wisdom Centre, Cork Street.

Brigit: Birthing a New Spring for Our Time

Mary Condren and Marian Dunlea

www.mariandunlea. ie


Brigidine Sisters

www.solasbhride. ie

January 31st to February 7th


Afri Féile Bríde

Saturday February 6th

http://www.afri. ie/feile- bride-2010/


Feb. 27th to Feb. 1st

www.bratbhride. com

Dolores Whelan


Brigit’s Garden

Brigit’s Dream Workshop, Feb. 20th and 21st

Sara Jane Kingston

www.brigitsgarden. ie

Rowan Plantagenet's Brigit Painting

I got a lovely note from Rowan today after she discovered this blog. She says:

I was delighted to find your blog and see that so many others are devoted to Bríd. Maybe you will like the drawing I did the day before yesterday:

It is available here: I already wish you a lovely Imbolc and have a nice weekend. Rowan
Rowan is a resident of Overath, near Cologne in Germany. She says of herself:

I ... just love drawing, painting and photography. Most of all I like to show ordinary things in a different way – bringing out the beauty of every day life. In drawing my interest lies in angels, demons, history, saints and gods. I love history, especially the middle ages, spirituality, the UK and Ireland…and I’d love to live there.

To see more of her work go to:

Thanks, Rowan!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brat Bhríde Festival, Dundalk & Faughart

There is great news in the Brigit festival scene. The Brat Bhríde Festival of Dundalk and Faughart, Co. Louth, Ireland, is chockfull of brilliant folk and traditions, artistry, and delight. If you are in Ireland around Imbolc this year, this is one definitely worth checking out.

Brat Bhríde welcomes you to this festival which celebrates Brigid of Faughart and the Celtic festival of Imbolc in myth, landscape, folklore, spiritual customs, music poetry and dance. The emphasis of this festival is to revisit and reclaim the richness of the traditions associated with Brigid of Faughart, in ways which are relevant to our lives in the 21st century.

The lectures and workshops will offer opportunities
• for expanding and deepening our knowledge of Brigid
• for tasting the Wisdom that she was and still is
• For integrating Feminine Consciousness more surely to contemporary culture.

The music and the time honoured rituals associated with Brigid and Imbolc will nourish our hearts and souls, and give us confidence in these uncertain times.

Brat Bhríde (Maura Lennon, Mairéad Heaney, Dolores Whelan, MariAnne Gosling, Maura Matthews, Catherine Pepper and Noreen Townsend ) is a voluntary group who have come together to organise this event.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cross Stitch Pattern: Brigit's Cross

If you are moved to do some Brigit-style stitchery, you can get a pattern for a B's cross for $3.99 USD from "everythingstitches" on Etsy: Saint Briget's Cross Cross Stitch Pattern.


$3.99 USD
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August 23, 2009



Beautiful design in cross stitch for your pleasure.
Stitch count 150X148 will make a finished design approx. 10 3/4" inches, if stitched on 14 count fabric or material, or approx. 8 1/3" inches if stitched on 18 count fabric or material.

I also have this as a smaller design if you wanted to make ornaments. Please ask if interested and I will put it up for you.

Make a lovely holiday decoration, pillow, quilt square.

Naturally smaller count fabric makes a smaller piece.
This would make not only a great stitched piece, but a lovely piece of Mosaic art.
Would be lovely on Aida cloth or any even weave.

PLEASE NOTE: Actual charts and chart image are clearer then it is coming out here, And the chart is fairly large for my poor eyes and to help us all read them with out trouble :) Also, larger designs may come on multiple pages for easier viewing. And may have a more of colours then expected.

Piece comes as a PDF with in 24 hours of cleared payment.
Comes with colour chart and symbols, and the image shown here, on pattern sheet plus colour sheet for DMC colours, However if you prefer J & P Coats I can change the codes sheet for you, please email before hand though, thanks.

Thank you for looking.
These images are antique and found, scanned, cleaned and arranged by me.

Purchase of this item entitles you to use the images for crafts and artwork, You are not entitled to reproduce the images in original form for redistribution or resale to others. Thank you for looking, I look forward to doing business with

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