Friday, October 26, 2018

Sacred Smithing -- A Whole Nother Marriage Ritual

Sacred Smithing

from Goddess Temple Weddings

My friend Sister Oystercatcher sent me the Samhain newsletter from Glastonbury, and my attention was grabbed by one of the elements they offer in their wedding ceremonies: sacred smithing. They don't mention Brigit but those of you dedicated to Brigit, Smith might want to consider something like this when you tie the knot.

Pre-Wedding Ceremony


Sacred Smithing

As part of your Sacred marriage experience we are pleased to offer you a new and exciting workshop for couples! Sacred Smithing is held by our wonderful Smith Dave Goddard (also known as Hugs). It is a deep ritual journey of connection to the elements through the ancient craft of blacksmithing. Hugs will take you on a ceremonial journey to create your very own sacred object or a heart or circle. This will be done in ceremony, using the sacredness of the four elements. Your creation will be woven into your bespoken wedding ceremony on the day.
Joanne and Stefan were one of the couples that got married this year. They did the Sacred Smithing in July. Here is what they said about it...
"The Sacred Smithing was something else! it was such a gorgeous experience that it makes me well up thinking about it. Dave is an amazing, interesting person and a great tutor! We went into the smithy thinking that we would turn out something that would vaguely look like a heart, but we forged something so beautiful together, such a great thing to do as part of the wedding preparation - would totally recommend it!"