Thursday, September 29, 2005

Knitting Brigit's Mantle

for those of us who are gifted in knitting (or have the patience to become so--as i do not!), Alice Starmore has written about the art and craft of the Aran sweater (Ireland's Gaelic-speaking western islands being the Aran isles) in her book Aran Knitting. a lovely Brigidine example of this is found in Pamela's House of Blues blog. (besides knitting a beautiful blue St. Brigit's sweater, pamela raises Blue Bearded Collies.)

Friday, September 16, 2005

Ecstasy Forge

Contemporary American "energy artist" Catherine Jo Morgan makes art to offer psychic energy - that energy of full, vibrant aliveness. She makes iron sculptures that center on vessel forms, saying that vessels are ideal for holding and releasing energy. Her current "Energy Transformer" sculptures bring paper and iron into harmony, using copper mesh as a kind of mediator. The copper mesh adds a warm glow to balance the painted paper and iron. Crystal spheres seem to draw and transform energy. Bright metal and swarovski crystal beads enhance each piece

Catherine has named her power hammer, a 25-lb. Little Giant, Brigid, for the goddess of blacksmithing. She has painted a whirl of flames on the hammer. Have a look at her site to see Brigid in all her fiery glory.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bride's Mound Purchase Update

Bride's Mound was successfully purchased (see posting below)--

congratulations to the Friends and to all who supported them!
Funding is needed on a continuing basis to meet mortgage
payments and forestall the need to sell of portions of the

go to their site to see lovely pictures of Sr. Mary Minehan of the
Brigidine Sisters of Kildare participating in a festival at
Bride's Mound.