Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brigit Art on the Web--an Old Favourite

Brigid's Cloak, by Barrie Maguire

s the story is told, St. Brigid went to the King of Leinster to tell him she needed land upon which to build a convent.

"You do, do you?" replied the king. "How much do you need?"

"We need only the land my cloak will cover - no more", answered Brigid.

"Well if that's all!" said the amused king, "You shall have it. That can be settled easily."

On hearing that, Brigid removed her cloak and laid it on the ground. Then to the absolute amazement and astonishment of everyone watching, the cloak began to grow. It grew and grew. It stretched all round at once, stretching itself out and rapidly gaining speed. Startled the king jumped back. The cloak was like a living thing.

Finally it stopped. Brigid looked around her. In every direction her cloak stretched. It covered acre upon acre of rich, green, pastureland. With twinkling eyes she said, "Thanks be to God."

"And thanks be to me," said the king. "Make good use of it."

Brigit Art on the Web #1

"'Bridget' - Nature Goddess"

Alan Reed
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I think living in S.W. Scotland influenced me to paint this work. Around where I live, in a coastal village in the Machars region, there is much evidence of neolithic habitation, with fortified villages, stone circles, burial mounds and standing stones. This is a very spiritual land. Indeed, the whole area is steeped in ancient history from the Romans through to the Vikings and the early Christians.


Brigit Art on the Web #2

"Brigit, Goddess of Inspiration"
Kris Waldherr
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Medium: Pencil
Posted: 2004-06-27
"This drawing was originally published in my book, "Embracing the Goddess Within."

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Art and Words

Brigit Art on the Web #3

Media: Watercolor
Dimensions: 9x12
Date of Work: 2005

Brid, the great mother goddess of Ireland, represents fertility, childbirth, power, creativity and inspiration. Also known as Brighid, Brigit and Bride, she is credited as a protectress and guardian of children; also a Goddess of fire, the sun, music and medicine.

Louise M. Scott is an award winning writer and artist. Her poetry has been published in collective work books and has won many awards in the fantasy and wiccan communities. Her paintings and prints are currently in public and private collections worldwide. Born in Glasgow Scotland she now works from her studio in Canada where she lives with her husband and children. A solitary witch for most of her life,

Louise takes her inspiration from witchcraft and her Celtic background. Her paintings and stories come from legends and folklore of magick and myth.

I have always believed in magic. Ever since I was a little girl. My day dreams are always filled with faeries and other magical creatures. I have been creating stories and images filled with magic and adventure ever since I can remember. I am happy to share these visions with you, welcome to a world filled with enchanting witches, playful faeries and other mystic creatures.

Welcome to the realm of magick and myth.

Artist: Louise M Scott

Ontario, CANADA