Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Brigit Blog: Her Eternal Flame

From Erin's new Brigit blog:

An Invitation

An invitation welcomes, and there are so many welcomings.
Brighid’s Eternal Flame invites us to sit within Her Light, and allow it to transform us.
We, in turn, can invite Her Eternal Flame into the sanctum of our heart centers, the depths of our souls, where that mystical transformation takes place.
The hospitality of welcoming is the promise of giving, and the humble joy in receiving bounty.
My invitation to my fellow Brighidine Flametenders, devotees, and other interested readers, is twofold:
I invite you to read along and explore with me my unfolding vision of contemplative Brighidine mysticism, in terms of spirituality and practice, and how this might inform our roles and paths as Brighidine Flametenders today.
I also invite you to envision and intuit yourselves the various ways in which such a path might express itself, the varieties of how She might speak to the human soul, that each soul might find those ways which resonate most meaningfully.  We might each have our own paths to and within Contemplative Brighidine Mysticism, and I think we can only benefit by sharing them with one another, and that in doing so, the flame burns brighter.
Please feel free to share your insights and thoughts and visions in the comments here.  Let us continue to tend Her flame together, as fellow Keepers of Her Eternal Flame.
Brìde Bless.

Monday, November 09, 2015

The Cow That Nursed Saint Brigit

A Short History of Irish Moiled Cattle: Thanks for this, Vicki!

We nearly lost them. Thanks to those who've brought them back. Wouldn't I love to have a few of these beauties grazing in the back.

From Bethu Brigte, the Irish Life of Saint Brigit:

When it was time to wean her the druid was anxious about her; anything he gave her [to eat] she vomited at once, but her appearance was none the worse. ‘I know’, said the druid, ‘what ails the girl, [it is] because I am impure.’ Then a white red-eared cow was assigned to sustain her and she became well as a result.

Perhaps I'll change my name to Moil (Maol) Brigde...