Friday, October 23, 2020

Testing, Testing (Mael Brigde's First Meme)


I'm trying to figure out how to make memes and share them, particularly on Instagram, which I've just joined and do NOT understand. So I used Canva to make this meme on the laptop, emailed it to my iPad, and can't find it there, although I downloaded it. Oh! What if I opened Canva on the iPad?

One moment please.

Hmm. Well, I found all of them--in Files (which is the secret name for Downloads), but I can't get them into Pictures, which means Instagram can't see them. : (

Well, you didn't need to know all this, though if you have any tips, clearly I could use them. Meanwhile, here it is, one of my shortest poems:

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Monday, October 19, 2020

"Brigid's Land" Fundraising Song for Tearmainn Women's Refuge


This is Col Patterson's latest single, Brigid's Land, it's a really beautiful and uplifting song.
The song had been released as a charity single for Teach Tearmainn Women's Refuge in Kildare town, a hugely important facility, and who are really struggling for funds at the moment.
Col approached Claire Patterson to create a video for the song.
The single is getting great support, and is currently riding at no 6 in the RTE 1 playlist charts... ahead of Bruce Springsteen no less, which is fantastic news!
The donations page for the single is open until October 23rd, and we're really hoping to attract as much support as we can. We're currently just a little over €1,500, and would love to see this rise.
Naturally we realise it's a tough time financially for a lot of people, but even to get the message of the song out there as far as possible helps too.
We'd really appreciate you sharing the song, video, and donations page with your communities if you feel comfortable doing so. I will follow up again on Facebook, and connect you with the posts there too.
The song and video are available here:
And the fundraising page is available here.

Copied from the Brigid's Way Facebook page.
Image: "Brigid's Land" video image.

Friday, October 02, 2020

Status of *Rites of Brigid Goddess and Saint* by Seán Ó Duinn


I recommended this book the other day, as many of us do, when someone asked for a good book about Brigit. The woman I was speaking with came back to say the only copies she could find were prohibitively  expensive. I hadn’t realised it had gone out of print. In my opinion it is one of the two read-first books on Brigit, with  Morgan Daimler's Pagan Portals - Brigid. I wrote to the publisher and received this disappointing reply:

The book is one of the titles that the old Columba Press printed before the company went into liquidation in 2016. We are a different company, Columba Books and our managing director, Garry O'Sullivan is in charge of all reprints. As there hasn't been much interest in this book since it went out of print, unfortunately, I do not believe that there are any plans to reprint this title or to format it as an ebook.