Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jill Smith: Brighde of the Isles

Check out the English webzine Goddess Alive: a new magazine of Goddess celebration.  Now into its 17th issue and its 8th year, if you peek back to issue 2 you will find fine paintings and an article about Brigit in the Hebrides, all by Jill Smith. Art from the series Brighde of the Isles was used on the cover of the Friends of Brides Mound CD, Songs of Bride.

Brighde is an ancient creative force/goddess who later merged with St. Bridget of Kildare in Ireland to become something of both of them, yet more; and in the Hebrides she has her own distinct character.

(For photos, ferry schedules, weather forecasts, jobs, events, and more for the Hebrides, click here to get to  Western Isles of Scotland.)

Cill Dara Historical Society

The  Cill Dara Historical Society site has a number of goodly bits on offer. An article on Brigit, a history of the area, a collection of old postcards, including the market square, the round tower, and the interior of the church. I do wish these were clickable to see larger images but alas, no.

Also included are a table of annals (plus bibliography), from 484 when Brigit founded the monastery to 1539 when the “Carmelite friary in Kildare (was) suppressed on 3 Apr. The friary was surrendered by the prior. It consisted of a church, belfry, dormitory hall and two chambers. Kildare also owned a messuage, a garden and a close containing one acre, as well as a cottage and six acres of arable land in the vicinity.”

The site is hosted by County Kildare Community Network--with everything from community events, forum, and business directory to  an A-Z of County Kildare Websites. Check it out before you visit!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Book of Kells...Cartoon???

The Secret of Kells

Here is a note of enthusiastic recommendation from one of the Daughters of the Flame:

Dear Ladies,
I watched this film last night and it blew me away. It was astonishing. I was drawn into this gorgeous world. The animation if nothing else is stunning. But the clever way there was always something celtic on each frame, be it a swirl or design was brilliant. The story was lovely too. And the faerie was very sweet. My husband isn't sure what to make of this film. Not sure what to say, other than he loved the art (he's an artist so duh!) but he's out on the rest of it. I'd give it full marks.

The trailer is here:

The official website is here:

I'm sure you can get it from any store, Amazon would have it for sure. We got it from our local dvd rental.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!


And here is the trailer itself: