Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Online Brighid Course with Orlagh Costello

Introduction to the Goddess Brighid
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Online Course on the beliefs, Irish mythology, folklore and magic of the Irish Goddess Brighid and Saint Brigid - with native devotee and Pagan Catholic Practioner, Orlagh Costello.

Talking about her devotions to Brighid, Orlagh says:

"As a solitary practitioner and a lot of what I do has developed over time rather than being told to me or taken from a ritual book etc. I don’t tend to take part in group rituals or do things in public, my practice is centred around my home, my work, my own head rather than anything else. A lot of it might appear to be things that I do anyway, but it’s not. It’s very different to me to be cleaning the house and cleaning the house in preparation for a visit from herself. The intent is different. The attention to detail is different. The feel of the room afterwards is very different."

Learn the history and heritage of this fascinating Irish Goddess and Saint, from the perspective of someone who has grown up immersed in the vibrant culture of knowing and honouring her, and developed that into a personal practice firmly grounded in the authentic Irish traditions.

Your Course access enrollment includes:
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- Course Photo - Brigid's Crosses in Kildare Town, Courtesy of Alanna Butler Gallagher

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Orlagh Costello

Orlagh currently describes herself as a Pagan Catholic. Her main relationship in the Irish Pantheon is with Brighid, in whatever form She chooses to present Herself. Orlagh runs a group on Facebook dedicated to Brighid - called Brigid's Forge at and women's circles in the Clonmel Red Tent. She is a moon mother with and practices reiki & reflexology for fun. By day, she masquerades as an engineer.