Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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New Brigit Book: The Brighid Oracle by Ceri Norman

First mentioned on this blog in April 2011, Ceri Norman's The Brighid Oracle is out at last, after delays with the original publisher. Unfortunately, the planned deck is not a part of it, though the new ebook comes with instructions for making your own set.

I haven't seen  it yet, but here is what Ceri has forwarded about her new ebook. (Here's hoping it will go into paper eventually so old-fashioned folk like me can get our hands on it. Literally.)

To purchase the Kindle edition click here.

The Brighid Oracle by Ceri Norman

Brighid, the Ancient Celtic Goddess and Christian Saint, is closely associated with augury and divination, as well as the arts of healing, smithing and poetry. She was known by many epithets, including ‘Brighid of the Augury’ and ‘Prophetess of Christ’.  Her sacred flames and waters were used for divination, and still are today.

Within the oracle are practical instructions on how to conduct readings.  There are, for example, clear interpretations of the symbols, spreads that can be used, such as Brighid’s Cloak, and information on how to make and care for your own oracle set. There are 33 symbols which draw on the lore, legends and landscapes associated with Brighid; these include Brighid’s cross, Fire in the Forge, Kildare, Rowan and Swan. The oracle also includes a meditation to meet Brighid for yourself.

In this eBook Ceri Norman brings together information from a wide range of sources to explore the traditions, folklore and enduring legacy of Brighid, in a way that allows readers to utilise the information and work with Brighid for themselves.

The Brighid Oracle is easy enough to use straightaway; it requires no previous knowledge or experience and will, I hope, enrich the work of those drawn to work with Brighid, whatever your personal faith.