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Websites and Publications

This page lists other websites that relate to feminist theology.

Papers by Mary Condren, National Director

Publication Details:

“Sacrifice and Political Legitimation: The Production of a
Gendered Social Order”,
Journal of Women’s History,
Spring, (1995),

“Mercy Not Sacrifice: Toward a Celtic Theology”, Feminist
No. 15, May 1997.

“Sacred Spaces” published in German as "Von Menschen-
hand gemacht: Die gesellschaftliche Konstruktion heiliger
Orte" in
Schlangenbrut: streitschrift für feministische und
religioös interessierte frauen
Nr. 66 17. Jg. 1999, pp.28-31.

“Brigit: Soulsmith for the New Millennium,” pp. 39-49. Special
Issue of Irish Journal of Feminist Studies
, Cork University
Press, 2002. Volume 4, Number 2. Also published in
Concilium: In the Power of Wisdom eds. María Pilar Aquino
and Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, vol. 5, (London: SCM
Press, 2000), pp.107-119, and in
Irish Spirit ed. Patricia
Monaghan, (Dublin: Wolfhound Press, 2001): 120-133.

(Forthcoming in) “Melting Hearts of Stone,” (2007) in Lisa
Isherwood and Kathleen McPhillips (eds.) Post-Christian
Feminisms: A Critical Appraisal. Ashgate Press.

Article appearing in The Irish Times - Jan 31, 2005 by Mary Condren

Article appearing in The Irish Times - August 16, 2004 by Mary Condren

You can download these papers and read them with Adobe Acrobat
READ, which is free software.

Brigit: Soulsmith for a New Millenium

Final Annunciation.pdf

Sacred Spaces

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