Friday, January 22, 2010

Rowan Plantagenet's Brigit Painting

I got a lovely note from Rowan today after she discovered this blog. She says:

I was delighted to find your blog and see that so many others are devoted to Bríd. Maybe you will like the drawing I did the day before yesterday:

It is available here: I already wish you a lovely Imbolc and have a nice weekend. Rowan
Rowan is a resident of Overath, near Cologne in Germany. She says of herself:

I ... just love drawing, painting and photography. Most of all I like to show ordinary things in a different way – bringing out the beauty of every day life. In drawing my interest lies in angels, demons, history, saints and gods. I love history, especially the middle ages, spirituality, the UK and Ireland…and I’d love to live there.

To see more of her work go to:

Thanks, Rowan!

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