Monday, February 22, 2010

Call for Submissions: Why is Brighid a special Goddess for you?

A new book about the people who follow Brigit is being planned. Helen Roberts sent us this call for submissions.


Why is Brighid a special Goddess for you?
What experiences have you had with Brighid?
How has She communicated with you?
How has She helped you?
What rituals or practices in Brighid’s honour have you found to be particularly moving, inspiring or special?
How often do you connect with Brighid? – daily, monthly, seasonally, when a need arises and she is the most appropriate Goddess to turn to?

I am planning a book about the people who have had a connection with Brighid and I need your input. It may have been a once in a lifetime experience, or you may be a regular devotee. If you are willing to share your experiences, send them by email to


Please indicate whether you want your contribution to be anonymous or give the name to which it should be attributed e.g. Helen/Helen Roberts/ Helen from Gloucestershire
Many thanks and Blessings for your assistance.

Helen has offered the following questions as additional guides to writing your submission:

What about the people who are devoted to Brighid?
Why is Brighid so popular?
How do people relate to her, communicate with her, honour her etc. How did they first discover Brighid? Was it gradual or an epiphany?
How do they manifest her qualities in their lives?
Which of her many aspects do they connect with?
How does she inspire them?

Deadline: Midsummer, 2010.

Dear Contributors,
I have had several people asking the same questions and some asking questions which hadn't crossed my mind so this is a general round-up of answers. If you had a more specific, personal query, I'll reply individually.
  • This book is not a commercial venture - it is a labour of love which I hope will benefit and interest both the experienced devotee and the beginner.
  • There will be a charge for the book to cover the cost of the print run. (Fingers crossed that I sell them all.)
  • As you will have deduced from the above, I will not be able to pay anyone for their contribution.
  • Deadline for submissions is the summer solstice. (Brighid showed me the timeline for this.)
  • So, if you change your mind and want to withdraw your submission, please let me know before midsummer.
  • I would like a short title for each article (or I will have to think of one myself.) If you have already sent me your article, just send a quick email with a title. Thanks.
  • Copyright belongs to the author of each submission.
  • I shall include a note to the effect that whilst short quotations are acceptable, permission to quote extensively or to copy the whole article must be obtained from the author via me. I will forward requests.
  • Personal experiences and devotional practices are fine. However, if you're using prayers written by someone else, please give the source rather than writing out the whole prayer (for both space and copyright reasons.) However, short quotations are acceptable.
  • Poetry and creative writing about or inspired by Brighid belong to a different genre of book.This one is about personal experience, personal ritual and Brighid as she manifests in your daily life. As Goddess of healing and smithcraft, she was very practical and "hands on".
  • If you know anyone else who would be interested in contributing, do please let them know. I'll add my original questions and suggestions below so that you only need to forward one email to them.
I hope I have answered all of the questions you have sent me - plus a few that you haven't.
Many thanks,

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