Friday, July 29, 2022

Little Banded Brigit


I happened to ask Fearghal Duffy, who posted this image of these Banded Demoiselles (or Banded Agrion Damselflies) on Twitter, what their name was as Gaeilge — in Irish. To my delight, he replied that they are called Brídeog Bhandach — "Banded one, or Banded Little Brigit, or Banded Bridgeen" — in Irish. No idea what the connection to her might be, but what a delightful coincidence, given my great affection for her, not to mention my great affection for insects. Photographed at Ballybay Wetlands, Monaghan. Their Latin name, for those who are interested, is Calopteryx splendens, and they are found through much of Europe.

Image: by Fearghal Duffy, @FearghalRua on Twitter.

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