Saturday, August 11, 2012

Song and Image: A Beautiful Rendition of "Song to Brighid"

Shaman Light by Amanda Clark

A lovely circumambulation:

I was doing a "Brigit" search a few minutes ago and found a YouTube video of Lisa Thiel's "Song to Brighid", from her album Invocation of the Graces. I wasn't mad about the video portion but I wanted to add the video to Brigit's Sparkling Flame, realizing I had listed it before but never shown it. So I went searching for a version I liked better.

Before I tell you what I found, a bit about Lisa from her

Brighid by Lisa Thiel
"Lisa is a priestess of Brighid and Kuan Yin in the Fellowship of Isis and honors the old Celtic Wheel of the year. She is also an accomplished astrologer, tarot reader and interpreter of dreams. 'My work is inspired by my dreams and visions that come from my spirit, my sacred dreams. My music and art are the gifts of the encounters with my soul.'"

I am happy to share her Brighid song with you.

To my delight Boudicca17368 had put together the song with some amazing imagery, all by the same woman: one Amanda Clark.

I must see more of this Amanda's art, said I! A quick search (Brigit bless the internet), and I was at her blog: earth angels art. (See also her website.)

According to her Fine Art America profile, "Amanda Clark lives in a country village in England UK. She is mainly a self-taught artist and comes from an artist family. She...gained a National Diploma in ceramics and surface pattern in the early 1990's...and is inspired by folklore and myths and the peacefulness of beautiful landscapes with a twist of fairytale and magic. She paints in acrylic and watercolour creating depth and pattern to the beautiful colours in her creations. She has also illustrated four books and is currently painting and line drawing for her 5th book about magical herbs."

There is a little surprise in all of this, though.

When I found Amanda's blog and went to see her pictures there, I discovered that an hour previously she had listed Brigit's Sparkling Flame, specifically the post "Goddess of Smithcraft (with emphasis on Blacksmithing)", on her own blog! Round and round the garden with our teddy bears! And she had done this only moments after I posted it.

A little more digging around revealed that Amanda is a follower of this blog. (Hi, Amanda!) And interestingly, when doing my Amanda search, I discovered another Amanda Clark in my own country of Canada who is...a metalsmith. (I'm getting a little dizzy now.)

So! On to the video.


Unknown said...

I love both the imagery and the haunting song. Thank you for sharing this video here.

May the Lady of the Forge send you blessings.


Mael Brigde said...

You are very welcome, runningwave. I'm happy they brought you pleasure.

AmethJera said...

I love this site-it's my primary resource for "all things Brigit". Thank you for all your efforts in creating this sacred place.Blessings!

Mael Brigde said...

What wonderful news, AmethJera. I am very glad it's of use to you, and I'm happy to have you here, making it a community, rather than just my one little room.

Sweet blessings of Brigit on you.