Monday, December 07, 2020

Watch Together on Boxing Day: "Brigit as a Constant Companion"


Watch Party: 26 December 2020 NOON Pacific Time (UTC +8) 
Please note that depending on where you are, this date and time will be quite different. Eg it is 7 PM on the 27th in Melbourne.

(More details at the bottom of this post)
After the stress of the last year and in the wake of a public holiday, I want to invite you to spend time quieting your mind and body and joining me in contemplation of Brigit. I will be there the whole time and around afterward for a while if anyone wants to comment or ask any questions. Though you may be feeling too inward for that then. You are welcome to talk to me later if you like.
"Brigit as a Constant Companion, a Contemplation" employs images, words, and silence. You may wish to bring something small—a photo or object—that reminds you of yourself in a positive way and something else that reminds you of Brigit. If it would help you create a better environment for contemplation, you may want to light a dedicated candle and prepare a dish of water, perhaps with healing herbs floating in it. Have ready a comfortable place to sit, a snuggly blanket to pull around you if you get cool, and a flask of water in case you get thirsty.
WHAT: "Brigit as a Constant Companion, a Contemplation" Watch Together (not really a party 🙂 )
LENGTH: This video is approximately an hour and twenty minutes
WHEN: 26 December 2020 NOON Pacific Time 
WHERE: On the day, please follow the link at the top of this page to see the video. If you aren't there at noon, fear not. You can join us at any time. There is an introduction, an opening meditation, a few moments of me talking without the mike on (oops!), and then a restart. ❤
WHAT TO BRING: Water, a warm blanket if you are somewhere cool, and, if you like, an object to remind you of yourself, and another to remind you of Brigit.

REMEMBER: This is a chance to Watch Together. The video is already available at the same link as above. Feel free to enjoy the practice any time, maybe even gather your own group to Watch Together (have a Watch Party). 
"Brigit as a Constant Companion" was my offering for Land, Sea, Sky Travel's 2020 event, Brigid: A Friend For Our Times

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